Geni is on a roll!

Another announcement from the folks over at  

Undoing Deletions

You will now get an email stating which profiles were deleted and who deleted the profiles with a link to undelete the profile.


  •  Green checkmark next to discussions you are following.
  • A reduction in the amount of emails for discussions (down to one for each discussion)
  • A discussions filter you can use to show or hide discussion stories.

Public profiles
  • You can toggle the profile privacy of any close relative (except for users).
  • Deceased profiles that don't have a user nearby (fourth cousin or closer) can no longer be made private.
Others updates
  • The Top 100 icon now appears on popular profile in search results
  • Collaboration requests now indicate the number of profiles the user added and manages
  • Revision stories for profile updates now expand to show all edited fields, and a mouseover shows the value for each field
  • We've fixed the bug that prevented you from adding existing documents to an event

All in all this looks like some good updates for and I will be interested to see how the undelete feature will play into goal of one big tree. 


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