"Curators" at Geni

Today Geni.com has announced the role of "Curator" privileges to some Geni users.  According to Geni a curator is similar to a Wikipedia administrator.   I could not find a list of any of the curators but per the message they are users who are very active and well regarded in the Geni community.

Current Curator abilities:
  •  Edit and merge public profiles that are already on their tree
  • Convert historical living profiles to deceased
  • Convert deceased famous and historical profiles to public (if they don't have any close relatives on Geni)

Each of these privileges also contains safeguards to make sure that they are not used irresponsibly, even by accident.   I guess we will all see how this plays out, as I am not sure how this helps out overall.  As time progesses I may come back to this post to have some updates.

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