Merging and Geni

Over at the Geni forums there is an ongoing discussion about merging suggestions started by user JeffG.  I hope JeffG doesn't mind me reposting his original post suggestions over here.  If he does I will remove them. 

Noah makes an appearance in the post stating the ability for "Bulk Share" for profiles will be coming soon.  Will see what this enables us all to do over there. 

A link to the original  post  

1) Kill the obvious Zombies - Run a script to mark deceased anyone older than 1890 (and any ancestors or generational equivalents without birth dates).

2) Address mass collaboration - if someone has a collaboration with an editor (former Manager) of a profile,

 allow collaboration on the profile. As far as I'm concerned, the editor and the manager should have equal rights as they were both managers of the profile and someone just got the luck of the draw. This should not prevent others from merging on that profile if they happen to be collaboration with the person that got the short end.

3) Consider extended collaboration - A collaborator's collaborator with merge only rights.

4) Managing the unmanaged - An unmanaged profile should be considered a global collaborator. It should not be more difficult to merge a unmanaged profile than any other profile you have permissions on. Unlock these things.

5) Working through the lock - Allow profiles to be dragged over locked profiles so a merge process can be identified and requested from whatever source is creating the lock.

6) GEDCOM import checking - Before importing a huge GEDCOM file, attempt to check it against the tree for x% matching another tree.

7) Open older profiles - profiles before a certain date like 1500 should be less restrictive and considered unmanaged collaborators (perhaps a pro feature)

All these suggestions sound great and I hope that some of them are implemented.  As I keep saying I have trees in all these online sites but I dont do much on them currently because its hard to maintain and update then all.

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