Today was a good day

Today started out as an average day, had some work to do, but instead decided to search for a name here or there.  Within minutes located date of death for one of Perutz family members.  Seconds later, found a death record for another Perutz member.

On a roll now, one of my cousins is meets me on Skype and sends me 80+ photos of his side of the family from 1944 time frame.  Still missing a few supposed to get more over the weekend.  Not bad right?

While this is going on I do a search for another surname and see a new entry in Ancestry.  Look that up.  Now I have a rough estimate for date of birth for one more person.  And the fact that I can prove she was alive and her father's name.  Which I already knew, but now have second confirmation on this one.

So I decided to upload all the pictures into Family Tree Builder, and then jump over to Geni and upload all the pictures there.  So there are now 100 new photo's on Geni and MyHeritage.  Over at Geni I also created a few new profiles for some new people that I found.  Still have to go back and update a few others that I found this week.

I love it when I am on a roll with genealogy, its been a good week finding names and photo's.  Hope it doesnt stop any time soon.

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