Geni updates for September


Quick Edit
When viewing a list, the new Quick Edit link appears in the Actions column on all profiles you can edit. The Quick Edit action opens up edit fields for that specific profile, letting you quickly add or correct information from the list view. In Quick Edit mode you have three new links in the Actions column:
  • Save Changes - immediately saves your changes for that profile and switches that profile back to view mode.
  • Undo Changes - throws out any changes you have made but leaves you in quick edit mode to make further changes.
  • Cancel Edit - switches that profile back to view mode without saving any changes.
Edit Profiles
Quick Edit is great when you want to make a quick change to a profile you see in a list. But to make changes to multiple profiles the new Edit Profiles tab is the way to go. From any list you create select the Edit Profiles tab to expose the editable fields for each profile you can edit. If the data you'd like to edit does not appear, you can use the advanced controls to add the appropriate column.
Once you have made your changes to the profiles in your list, use the Save All Changes button at the bottom of the list. Or, if you prefer, you can use the Save Changes link in the Actions column to save the changes to each profile as you make them.
New List Controls
We've also added new controls to all lists:
  • Gender column
  • Living Status column
  • Baptism Date & Location columns
  • Burial Date & Location columns
  • Current Location filter

The View Profiles link for pending merges in your merge issues list now uses the new side-by-side format. This allows for faster merging with better verification to help you get through those mere issue quicker.
Shared profiles are historical and famous profiles that anyone can find and view. Your family and collaborators can edit any profile you share. Sharing a profile helps the Geni community find and merge around common ancestors.
Anytime you add a new profile to the tree you now have the option to make it a shared profile. When you add a profile outside of your maximum family group (your default family group plus inlaws connected through ex's) it will be shared by default. You can uncheck the Share This Profile setting if you don't want to share that profile.
You can also share all of the profiles you've previously added outside of your maximum family group in one click. Look for the Share Profiles button on your manage profiles settings page.
  • This will only share profiles that you manage
  • This will not affect any close relatives (fourth cousins and closer)
  • You can not undo this bulk change, but you can individually unshare profiles

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