How to find a copy of an old tv show?

I know I have talked about her before, Sister Cecilia.  But what would you do to find a copy of her TV show episode.  I have searched for years for a copy of this.  I have the LIFE article, I have the book, I just need the TV Show.

The show was CLIMAX! Mystery Theater.  The episode was during the first season, and was called The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia which aired on 5 May 1955 starring Claudette Colbert.  It was in black and white, and thats about the extent that I know.  I have a picture with Claudette and Sister Cecilia, but no TV show.  I have searched online for a copy, and contacted CBS (believe to be the owner of it), to no avail.  mI am going to try the Museum of Television and Radio next.

Any suggestions?

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