Return from Carlsbad Library

I got to the Carlsbad Library, and did the all important task of getting a library card.  Can't even remember the last time I had a library card.  After that I went upstairs and got a view of the massive amount of books available for genealogy.
I found a few interesting book, one was the "Decker Family History", I then moved over to the State's section looking for PA.  I was looking for Lackawanna, and Armstrong Counties, I did a quick glance and did not find anything that was in that general area, maybe there were stuff taken out?  I don't know if you are allowed to take things away from the library, or maybe they just didnt have anything on that area.
After that I went to the computer section, and started to do some searching.  I used the newspaperarchives website, which was great, it gave about 20 good hits on one name "KONDRC".  I was well on my way, now to add everything back into the family tree.

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