Tombstone Tuesday spent at the cemetery.

Today I spent some time at the San Marcos Cemetery taking some more photo's of the tombstones.  I think I covered about another 50-75 photo's in what I call section 3 I guess.  So far I think that I have taken about 400 tombstone pictures at that Cemetery.  I have not posted all of them online just yet, but I am slowly either posting them on Tombstone Tuesdays and adding them to FindAGrave.

I would have thought it would have been easier to add them to FindAGrave but I guess its just the way I am learning to use the website, plus the way I have taken the pictures out of any sort of order.  I have to look through each picture to find a match or just add a new memorial to the cemetery on FindAGrave.

Another thing that I was wondering today about photographing at cemeteries do folks usually go up to the front office and talk to the cemetery about taking the photo's or do they just go take pictures.  I know there are slight differences between grabbing one or two photo's of say a loved one or for someone from FindAGrave and trying to take a picture of every stone in the cemetery.  Just curious on everyone's thoughts on it.

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