23andMe DNA kit unboxing

Last week I talked about ordering the DNA kit from 23andMe for DNA Day.  It arrived about 2 days after I purchased it and looked like this.  

It was a pretty small box, and I was expecting something like a cotton swap for the cheek, but thats not how 23andMe does it.   They require saliva sample (a pretty good amount at that.)  You also can not eat or drink for about an half hour before you provide the sample.    Below are some more pictures of what to expect if you order the DNA kit.

The box already has a USPS label for return shipping, so I just dropped it in the mailbox and waited for it to show up at 23andMe.  I sent it out on Monday and arrived at the lab on Friday so not to bad.  The one thing that I did not realize until today was now I have to wait 6-8 weeks for the lab to process the sample.  

I was hoping to see results say next week but I guess that I can wait a few more weeks to see the DNA results.  Stand by for an updated post about the DNA results show over at 23andMe when mine are available.

Overall this product was simple to use, quick to receive and send back to the company to start processing.  I cannot accurately judge the DNA processing time as this is the first time I have ever done it.  But you really cant beat the price of 9$ a month for one year thanks to DNA day.

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