Parents of the Toomey's

I believe I have said this before, but I think I have found the parents to Lawrence, James, Ann, Jane Toomey.  Today I was doing some more Google searching in particular: "Ann Toomey Osborne" well the first hit was for my blog, but the second was for the PAGENWEB Marrige index that I talk about so much.

I dont believe I have seen this entry before but it shows she was married to a William Osborne (which I already knew), I know of the date of the marrige, but it also shows the name of the parents.   It is Peter and Ann Toomey.

I think that another of the family members is also mentioned in the marrige index and shows thier parents, I think its Janes family.  George Martin Corey is her husband, I will have to re-dig through all this info and see what I can come up with. 

I think this is a great find, especially if it shows the same names for both members, I would have to almost say this the best step forward in my research on this side of the family. 

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