Cathedral Cemetery outstanding Customer Service.

Today I decided to contact  Cathedral Cemetery in Scranton, PA to search for my second great grandmother Anastasia Toomey.  She passed away in 1911 in Scranton, and I know that the rest of the family is buried in Cathedral, but there was no referance in her obituary of where she might have been buried.

Not knowing what to expect I decided to try and call the cemetery to see what kind of information that can provide.  After explaining my issue, I was placed on hold for no longer then  a minute while she searched the records. 

Once she got back on line her first words were  "Your not going to like this"  Well its I did find out that they indeed have an Anastaisa Tommey buried at the cemetery, but there was no plot information available for her.  She even tried to cross referance with other Toomey's in the cemetery, but that did not get anywhere.  She told me if I have anymore questions or more information on Anastatisa to call back.  All in all I great call, I was hoping form more information, but still got a piece of the puzzle. 

So any suggestions on what to do next?  Go on a massive hunt for her?  Maybe try and see if the cemtery was built in year blocks?  Whatever I can do will have to be through my parents as I live in San Diego and not Scranton, PA.

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