Success with a Forum Post: Hopfengartner

Continuing on my search for my HOPFENGARTNER line I decided to post a message on forums for Bavaria, Germany requesting help in locating possible military records for my Lorenz HOPFENGARTNER.

After one day I received an initial email giving me some ideas and hope that I would find a connection.  At first I had to figure out the possible religion of my line, which more then likely was Lutheran.   I talked to my grandmother and she said that when she was a child she went to a Lutheran school.

So we have the religion, but now we had to break it down to possible districts in Nuremberg.  Feeling lost, I received another email stating that the poster is contacting someone who has done some research on HOPFENGARTNER.

Next day I received and email with a instructions on how to to gain some files on the HOPFENGARTNERS.  They provided me with a AL number for the files and told me I could get them either digital or paper.  I am going for paper copy, that way I can then digitize them self when they arrive.  It will take about 2 weeks I am thinking after emailing them, and will cost about 15-30 Euro (per what the poster said).

The email was to sga @ It looks to be a Genealogy Society in Germany. I did some more searching on thier website and found another database (probably the initial database that I requested information from).  I have never seen this info before but it looks to be good for German Genealogy (probably localized, but I have not gotten that in depth into it just yet) - maybe another post for that one.

So once again folks don't forget to make that forum post, you never know what you might uncover about your family (or how quickly in some instances).  -As a note most of my previous forum posts took a little time (months) to get any hits.  So I was pretty lucky with this one if I do say so myself.

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