MyHeritage now offering backup service for user tree's

MyHeritage today announced that they are offering  a backup plan for anyone with a tree that has more then 25 people in it.  The backups are not included in any previous plans on MyHeritage, and the cost will be $3.00 a month.

The backups include any family tree's and photos that are part of the family tree. It does not include other pictures or documents that are on the MyHeritage website but not part of the tree.  Photo's and pictures that are in Family Tree Builder that have not been uploaded or synced are also not backed up.  A reminder that it does not backup anything on a users home computer should also be said.

Site managers are the only authorized users allowed to create and manage backups on the website.

The information is backed up to which will require a password and unique pin to access the backups.

There is not mention to the size allowed for the backups, but if anyone does find that information please leave it in the comments.

This seems pretty interesting and not to expensive, I have been using Myheritage as my backup of the tree since I use Family Tree Builder this might allow another level of fail over in case of accident.

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