MyHeritage Updates

Yesterday I recieved an email from MyHeritage Website talking about new updates to their website.

New photo tagging system,
 Tagging photos (annotating who appears in them) makes your photos more enjoyable to view and share: your family members will see who appears in every photo, and your photos will become organized. After tagging a few photos, MyHeritage will start giving you automatic tagging suggestions, speeding up the process and making it fun and easy.

New slideshows for you to show off your photos to your family members and friends using beautiful animations.  If you've tagged some of your photos, the slideshows will be even more amazing as they can zoom in automatically on a person of your choice. Here are two examples so you can see how lovely these slideshows could be for you:

Email photos directly to your family site. Your photos will be stored for safekeeping on the site, where you'll be able to share them easily with the family, tag them and share slideshows of them. You can also send photos from any mobile phone, as most of them can take pictures and send them by email. A security system is in place.

All of these updates look fantasic, and I can't wait to try them out myself when I have the available time and bandwith. 

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