Family Tree Builder updated

Family Tree Builder has been updated to version  On start up everything looks the same, nothing was shouting "NEW" to me.  As it looks to be a just incremental update it is mostly minor fixes.  I have tried to search the MyHeritage  website, and also did some searching via Google but was unable to find out any concrete information about what this update is.  I was hoping for some sort of changelog, but this is mostly on par with updates that come out with FTB.

After jumping on the forums for FTB over at MyHeritage I did find a few people asking about the update.  Some where having issues installing the update, and a few were asking what the update was for.  As far as I can tell from the comments its a bug fix update.  I would have liked to have seen what bug fixes were squashed with this update, maybe soon we will see a changelog.

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