MyHeritage rolls out improvements

Today MyHeritage announced new updates to web profiles with the addition of a sources.  Additionally the have added a sources tab to the top of the navigation bar.  I only have a few defined sources in my tree at the moment.  Trying to fix that of course but its nice to see sources for each individual person and have the ability to see all the sources listed on one page and who is referenced in the source.

They have also made it easier to add facts to any profile, and to add any type of web content (html, widgets, youtube, ect).  I will have to play around with this one, maybe I can add the new found Hopfengartner house onto his profile to see if an embedded map would work.

Last but not least they have added a timeline feature.  I like this the most, but I do have one suggestion that they allow the ability to embed the timeline in blogs or other websites.  I think that would be a neat tool.  I have had to search around the web to make some timelines that I post on  my blog for my "SpotLight" posts.  It would be a lot easier to pull the timelines right from MyHeritage.

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