Smart Research: FTB 3.0

This morning I finally got the issue's with my Family Tree Builder 3.0 software fixed, thanks to the great support over at MyHeritage.  Now that I am able to look into Smart Research a little more, its seems that its the same search engine that is on their site, but now its integrated into FTB.

You can search by individual, or the whole family tree, I started the whole family tree, and it has done about 31 out of 1041 in one hour.  Now this is with average hits on each name of 8.  If there are more then it will probably be a longer wait time.  Common sites that I saw FamilySearch,, Lycos, RootsWeb, Ellis Island to name a few.

You can change two settings in the options for smart research.  Upload Smart Research (Yes/No), and you can state max number concurrent requests. I moved mine up from the initial to 10.  Might try and jump it up higher since I will run the research at night.    One thing I hope I can change is the default web browser.  I use chrome more the firefox, so I would like to open up chrome.  Will have to look into this.

Lets have a look at the new Smart Research:
This is the initial screen once you start the Smart Research, notice it give a status bar.  Not much else to say about this area, its pretty strait forward.

Now I have selected a name from the smart research.  As you can see it gives a list of all hits it found.   The next image will show the compare option.  The view option will bring up the actual website that the information is located on.

Hope this gives everyone a good understanding of how the Smart Researching works, next I will be covering the Smart Matching (with Merging).  It will be just an update from original post about Smart Matching.

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