Looking for Decker Relatives in Moosic PA 1830's

In the 1850 I have my Andrew Decker married to a Hannah Teal, with children as follows:  Lafayette Decker, Andrew Decker, Philip Decker, Olive Decker, and Chauncy Decker, and Hannah Decker.  I have found lines for Lafayette, Andrew (my line), Chauncy (possible), and Hannah, with nothing past 1860 for Philip and Olive Decker.

I may be constricting the searching to Luzerne and Lackawanna area of PA because 95% of them stayed in that area and that could be my downfall but I will explain what I have so far in most of the children.  I am listing the the relatives with their wifes if known.  I am only listing the children as of right now.  Some of the children I can go more in depth if people would like to know.

Lafayette Decker was born May 30 1834 and married Julia Milton (b. 1842)  (daughter of Anthony and Anna Milton) marriage date unknown.  Children:  Andrew, Florance, Lafayette, Mary, John, Samuel, Evaline, and Henry Decker.   This line has been documented in a book given to me by Nancy Decker.

Andrew Decker was born Mar 10 1843 in Moosic, PA and married Jane Price (parents unknown, born in Wales May 6 1844).  Married in 1864 probably in Dunmore/Moosic.  Children:  George Henry (b1865 no further info) , Augustus William Decker (b1867 no further info),  David John Decker (my line) (bSep9, 1871),  Euguene Decker (b. 1873), and Elizabeth Decker (b 1875, no further info).

*Philip Decker -  was born 1835 in Moosic/Pittston PA and have him listed living with family as of 1850, he is gone from the 1860 census.  Have not been able to find him anywhere else.

*Olive Decker - was born 1837 have her listed in the 1850 and nothing past that.  Have not been able to find her anywhere. I find a possible connection but listed as the wrong parents for her.  There was/is a Olive decker born to John Decker and Hollenbeck who married a Webb.  This Olive was born the same year 1837 in PA.  Have to contact poster to see if its been correctly identified as the right parents.

Chancy Decker  was born 1846/1847.  Found in the 1850/1860 census.  Believe he was married to Fannie (unknown last name born in 1845 (NY))  This is based off finding in the census.  Close match to his name.  I have seen listed as Chauncy, Chancey, Chancy.  Also listed as possible middle names are W or G. hard to read.   Children if correct line would be:  Mary, Alice, Oscar, Byron, Minnie, Chancy (possibly listed a Chancy JR), Ralph and Philip.

Hannah Decker - was born  in 1849 and married William Melvin Springer, showing in one of the census listed Hannah Decker (Hannah Teal) as mother in law.  Children:  Rebecka, Lafayette, Jane, Violetta, Sallie and George.  

Any help connecting dots would be great.  It is possible that Olive and Philip might have died young.  Not sure where to try and find that information.  And there are no none relatives to ask the questions about that side of the family that I know of at this point.

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