MyHeritage Plan Changes


Straight from MyHeritage Blog.  
They have simplified the subscription plans and are planning on launching new offers.   Get 50% off if you upgrade your family site to Premium now, that's only $1.95 per month. And you can still get even more discount, if you go Premium for more than a year.   Also, as a note the Premium membership is valid for the whole family site, so your relatives will benefit as well.
I noticed some items that I hope someone can help me with.  For Premium/Plus there is enhanced Family Tree Builder, and Enhanced Smart Matching.  Not sure what they are, cannot find any specific information about this on the site yet.  I am also unsure if they have implemented this just yet, guess we will wait and see.    Another item at MyHeritage is that they offer gifts, and these are real gifts, with free delivery (I am guessing only local free delivery).  
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