Family Tree Builder 4.0 Released

Today I saw the news that Family Tree Builder 4.0 has been released.  It seems not to long ago they brought us 3.0, and about 7 months later they are at 4.0.  Version 3 was a great update, and  I personally use FTB 3.0. I like its simple and easy to use interface, and the fact that it has smart matching.  I have not had the chance yet  to download it as I am at work, but when I am off I will and provide an updated post on whats good/bad and new in FTB 4.0.

Below is from the MyHeritage Blog:

The brand new version of our Family Tree Builder software is available now on our new download page. Version 4.0 brings some significant innovations and improvements. Here are the highlights:

- Maps: Stunning geographic displays of where your family came from or lives today
- Photo albums: The best way to organize media files of the whole family
- Slideshow and screen saver: Showcase your photo collections
- Family Toolbar: Features the world's first Family Chat and gives direct access to your family sites

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