Updated Brick Wall: Gerrity Sister's.

A few months ago I posted about a brick wall that I hit with my Gerrity Family who came from Ireland.  At the time I was able to only see them in America, and from a marriage record know that the mother and father was Patrick Gerrity and Jane Gerrity.

I had rough dates based of Census reports for their Birth dates, and Immigration. I also had pictures of two out of the three girls tombstones.   But nothing was adding up.  I could not find them on any immigration records, and the ones I did find in Mayo, Ireland had birth dates that did not match.

The birth dates for all three put them about 5-10 years older then was listed any where.  About the only that the did match was that they had a mother named Patrick Gerrity and a mother named Jane Sheridan.  I tried searching all of Mayo in the 1900 census reports and I believe that is the only one's that will fit into this puzzle.

I posted some questions online at Ancestry message boards, first response :

I suspect this is your family, since the names agree and the girls all became younger when they emigrated (a common phenomenon--both my grandmothers did too).

The second response was sent via message on Ancestry, and gave a little more information: 

The dates and ages of birth are often way out,often can be up to 10yrs difference.
Patrick Geraghty and Jane Sheridan are in 1911 census Cushalogurt Kilmeena.If you google this looks like someone maybe yourself has already found this.The children are listed on Family search,but there is another child also called Ellen she was born 1882. 

1911 census says Patrick and Jane married 52 years i cant find a marriage for them,11 children 7 still alive,which will be the ones listed i would think plus Ellen.
Jane the daughter is in 1911 with her husband John Barrett and family.
The griffiths val show a number of Geraghty living in Cushalogurt so without marriage record hard to say for sure,most likely Patrick!
There was one family called Sheridan in same townland in griffiths but none in 1901 census.

Prior to this research I had no idea of any other Gerrity's in America that were connected to this line.  But in the process I found a Thomas Gerrity on one immigration sheet for a Winifred Gerrity as her location when arriving to America.  

Once again there is also a Thomas in Mayo with the same parents as the Brridget, Anne, and Winifred that are possible matches to my family.  

Anyone have any other resources to verify this information, or ways to find them in immigration records that would be outstanding.  Till then this is were I will be researching as it is one of my main lines in the family.

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