Possible info on Lorenz Hopfengartner

Here is another piece of the puzzle, I am kind of sure its for my family as its in Germany, and has his name.  Besides that I have tried a rough translation on it from Google so its not totally accurate.  I believe it also states that this is from Nuremberg, Germany which is where Adam Max was born.

This was taken from the book  which lists it as written/compiled for 1842 which was the year of Adam's birth also.

Königlich Bayerisches Intelligenzblatt für Mittelfranken

Royal Bavarian Intelligence Bulletin Middle Franconia

The translation goes something like this.....

 The Jnsvektions Bezirkcn namely in were Promoted Jnspektions Bczirke
The Landwehrreg imente Nuremberg to Lieutenant Colonel by the highest resolution offormer major Karl Christian Wilhelm Clericus to
captains of the former top lieutenant John Gg Wilh Benkher John Adam Feldkixchner Carl Christian Auernheimer Christian Friedrich Ran

urd to the upper left eutenants the previous sub-lieutenant Carl Boller Wilhelm Friedrich Gießmann Paul Christian Roesslearning Gottlieb Kleemann Adolph White George BestelmeierJohann Heinrich Better Carl Prinoth and Andreas Ott

sublieutenants, the former Junker Jvbann George Lanzin Lorenzn Hopfengärtner Eugene Mennecken Johann Drevkorn and CarlJrmifch the Corporal Johann Georg Hofmsnn and Johan Martin

of the Grenadier Johann Heinrich Baumbach
the hunters Theodore Pressler and Lorenz Haußrr as auditor of the k lawyer Krafft Dr George Steinmetz

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