Spotlight on Family: Mary Toomey

Today's spotlight will be on Mary Toomey.  She is my paternal grandmother and was born in Scranton, PA on November 3, 1912 to Lawrence Toomey and Bridget Gerrity. Both Mary's parents immigrated to the United States coming from Ireland and England according to family lore.

Mary had two other sibling:  James Toomey and Lawrence Toomey.

Below is her SS-5 form listing her date of birth and her parents names.

On December 26, 1934  Mary Therese Toomey married Albert Decker in Scranton PA.  I have not found the marriage certificate, nor have I been able to find a reference in any paper during that time period. They had three children:

Robert Decker born: September 30, 1935
Mary Decker born: February 24, 1940 d. May 13, 1996
Albert Decker born: September 27, 1943

Pictures of Mary with the children:

According to the family Mary was a nurse Paterson General Hospital in Scranton PA, and I do wish I had pictures of her when she was older as the ones here are when her kids where born.
Mary passed on February 27, 1981 and is buried at Cathedral Cemetery in Scranton, PA. I do not have a copy of her obituary at this time.  Below is a picture of the tombstone. She was to be buried with her husband, but his ashes where scattered in two places, with one of them at her tombstone.

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