Tree Match issues on Geni

A few months ago say 8 I sent a request over to Geni about issues with Tree Matches and the KONDRC surname.  Around January I found that  there were roughly 30 tree matches for the name KONDRC.  I am not a PRO member at Geni, but I can still see information and I saw who the profile manager was. 

I tried to contact the profile manager through messaging on Geni, I sent requests to collaborate on Geni and waited for about 2 weeks.  With no replies I sent a help request to Geni which spanned a few months with no resolve.  

Here we are in September and I made a post on the forums over at Geni to see if I can get a resolution to the issue.  The profile manager is Jan Kondrc who passed in 1900 so that right there is an issue.  Second you cannot see when the manager last logged in to his account.   All I know right now is that the duplicate profiles were created on January 28, 2010. 

Hopefully after postng on the forums I will be able to get it fixed as of right now I cannot even send a message or request to collaborate with the user for some reason.  All the profiles are now showing as public profiles.

I will update this post or create a new one when I have some new information about the issue.   I still love the collaboration issues of Geni and because of them I have been able to find many new documents and talk to distant relatives.  I will continue to use Geni as a source for my family tree.

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