Thoughts on Travel and trying new things.

As I have been traveling alot lately, I started to remember when I was young and traveled with my grandmother.  One of the holidays I do remember was going to England/France, and the other was Africa. 

I was alot younger back then, probally 10 when I went to England and France, but I do remember the food there and how I needed Mcdonalds over French food, and thier milk was differant also, which I would not drink.

As for Africa, I was probally a junior in high school by then, and well that was another trial, floating down the Nile, and I was a pain, would not eat anything that was not a food I knew.  I think I ate banana's alot (they were small and very good) but I was just horrible at trying new foods.  I also remember getting pulled into a store once in Nigera, the owner said about 4 people were following us, and they probally planned to mug us.  That was a good save.

Its interesting to see how stubborn I was when I was younger, and how much my habits have changed.  I am not sure when they changed, but the other day I was in Japan, and I was eating Udon noodles, with octupus, scallops, chicken, ect.  I have also eaten sushi.  My favorite foods have moved from Mcdonalds to Thai food.  And I am always ready for the most part to try something new for food, as long as it has a good look.  I even ate octopus in a chile sauce (which was amazing btw).

How many of you have experiences of traveling and trying new foods?  Or just breaking away from the normal tours to see something new.

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