Accidental Find times three

Last night I was research the surname DECKER trying to link back to my line of the family.  I decided to search for more information about Hannah Decker who married William Springer. How Hannah fits into my trees she was a sister to my great great grandfather Andrew Decker.

I did a search on Ancestry for William Springer and found the connection with Hannah Decker in the 1870 census.  For a bonus I also noticed that living with the Springers was Hannah Decker (mother) - also know as Hannah Teal.  I believe she may have passed around 1901, but I lost track of her in 1860.  So now I her found up to 1870 not bad.

I decided to try my luck for the 1880 census with Hannah Teal Decker I figured she would be living with the Springers.  No Hannah Decker (mother) living with them in 1880 at this time I thought my luck was running out but for a whim I decided to hit next page on the census.  Halfway down I noticed Hannah Decker. Jackpot, have her up to 1880 now.

Next I was going to try and hit up the 1900 census but all I had was the "District 46" from the 1880 census for Lackawanna.  1900 census is setup a lot differantly and I didn't have a street name from the 1870 census or the 1880 census.  Just a house number.  Either way I decided to try my luck and look for District 46 in the 1900 census.  Closest I found was Scranton which I know they did not live i,n, I clicked anyway.

At first glance I didn't see it, but I took a double take and noticed another relative that I was looking for Lawrence Toomey with his mother Anastasia Toomey in the 1900 census.  I was not even looking for them last night, but I will take it.

Tonight I will hit the 1900 census again and go over Dunmore and Moosic area's with a fine tooth comb I am sure that I will find Hannah Decker listed somewhere in there.  I know that she was alive in 1900 as there are newspaper postings in 1901. Hopefully I will be successful.

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