Decker Family History

This past weekend has been outstanding in making connections, I do believe that I may have found some distant relatives of my Decker's.  They branch off at about the Great Great Grandparents level.  Even better news though is one of them published a book back in 2001 called Decker Family History.

After extensive searching I found that the original author of the book passed last year, but with the ease of the internet I was able to connect with some of his children on Facebook.  Within hours of sending a message I received a response back about the book, and he is graciously sending me a copy of the book.

I have seen a few of the photo's in the book so far and hope that it goes back to were all our lines tie together.  Even if they don't its still a great find.  I will hopefully get it next week on my travels to PA to visit the family and do some family research right in Dunmore, and Scranton PA.

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