It has been about eight years since I started my search for my ancestors and as I think back I can still recall the reasons why.  My father kept telling the family that we where related to Stonewall Jackson.  For anyone who does not know who he was, well Stonewall was a Confederate General during the Civil War.

My first hurdle that I saw was at the time I did not know any Jackson's in my family.  That was an easy step, next issue was well they are from Dunmore, PA.  Stonewall well not so much, he was from VA.  Pretty big gap in distant between the two.

Eight years later and I don't think that I have gotten a step closer in connecting us to Stonewall, one of my relatives has an old rifle that according to family legend was his, but thats about it.  I have a William Jackson 1775 in Dunmore, PA , Stonewall was born 1824 in VA.  Maybe a brother of this William Jackson was the father of Stonewall?  But I don't know of any of this Williams family at the moment.

A few years later another relative said it was President Jackson not Stonewall that we where related to, well guess what no known connections yet on this one either.

I have found over 1,800 names since I have started, collected hundreds of photos, documents, and other sources for my family, but I am always trying to prove or at the least disprove this statement that has been passed through our family.

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