Tombstone Tuesday - Lawrence Toomey

This tombstone is found in Scranton, PA at Cathedral Cemetery (if my memory serves me right).  I forgot to label were I took this photo.  But the family was from Scranton, so it should be correct.

This is a family plot as you can see with four names Lawrence and Bridget, James and Helen.  I believe there are more names on the back, or in close proximity of this stone, as there are more names listed on the "plot".

Right now I know that they lived at 2124 Ballua Ave, Scranton, PA.  Lawrence was married to Bridget Gerrity on 24 June 1907.  After that I find them in the Census, and finally his obituary.  As for his birth, its either England or Ireland, depending on the documents, he had brothers/sisters that I am trying also to track back and forth to see if they will lead to a more defined area.  I have a rough estimate when he came across, but once again I still cannot find him in any records, or any naturalization records.

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