Tombstone Tuesday - Peter C. Toomey


Peter was born Jan 9, 1889 in Colfax, Jasper County, Iowa to a Peter and Ellen Toomey.  Peter's father Peter was a brother of my great grandfather who lived in Scranton PA. (Lawrence Toomey).  I really don't know to much about this line of the family except that they lived in Iowa.  Peter was married to a Margaret J. (dont know her last name it started with a J).  Peter joined the military as I can see from the gravestone.  I dont think he died in any wars because he would have been to old by 1936, but I could be wrong.  He passed away on December 29, 1936 and is buried in Glendale Cemetery, Polk, Iowa.  If anyone does know anything more about Peter C. Toomey please let me know.

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