Tombstone Tuesday - Hughes


I just found this tombstone online about 3 days ago after requests from one of my dads cousins. We were talking about how fast you can find information online as long as you have a jumping point. With this he mentioned that his wife's grandfather was named Ebenezer Hughes. About 10 minutes later I was looking at census papers, WWI, WWII papers, and found the tombstone for them.

They are buried in Washburn Cemetery, Scranton PA. As far as I know Ebenezer was in and out of the military, from all accounts I think he joined and discharged at the least 3 times. And that is just from the documents I was able to uncover. If I understand correctly he might have also been part of the rough riders in Cuba at one time.

Ebezener Hughes parents are Ebenzer Hughes and Elizabeth Morgan both born in Wales. I think that they both came to America but I am not to sure at the moment. I am currently talking to another relative of the Hughes to get more information.

Blodwen Jenkins parents were John E Jenkins and Ann Bennett both from the Scranton area. I really dont know much more about her at the moment I believe they are from Wales.
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