Searching CastleGarden for William Williams

Today I decided to try and search for one of my relatives.  His name is William G. Williams.  He was born in 1856 in Wales and arrived in 1882 in America.  Doesn't sound to hard does it?  Well an initial search of William Williams arriving in 1882 equals 53.

Ok not to bad, but I really dont know anymore then what I have already written above.  Lets see so he would have been say 25-27 years old give or take.  That drops it down to nine eligible Williams.  So William Williams was born in April 1856, so I guess to be exact he could be just 26 years old. This drops it down to about three names.   In his obituary it states that he was a member of a miners organization, maybe we can take that as a hint that he was a miner in Wales.  Well there is one William Williams who was a miner in Wales.  I just wish there was more information to go with to see if it was really him.

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