2009 New Years Genealogy Resolutions

All over I see fellow genealogist's posting about their 2009 New Years Resolutions for genealogy.  As I have just really got more involved in the aspects of genealogy, I am trying to figure out what I want to get out of it, if anything then just my family ancestry.

1.  Get Connected:  Even with my current love/hate with Geni, and other online sites, I want to get more connected with my family, even just to say hey we are related.  I have done well in the past few years, adding new people "to the family." I hope this year will be even better.

2  Visit "Ancestral" Places:  I doubt that I will get this one, as I will be gone on deployment but I can always dream, and there is always Scranton, PA, or Kittaning, PA.

3.  Documents:  Find more documents, be it photo's, obit's, land records, wills, either from local family members (which I probably hound on a weekly basis, or through normal genealogy process's.)

4.  Blogging:  I want to be able to post to more carnivals, and just make more worthwhile posts in general.  I know that I may have certain issue's due to bandwidth, and even no knowing if/when will have internet.  This year I made 170 posts, I did start mid-year, so let say I want 350 "good" posts next year, (I can dream right?)

5.  Organize:  I really need to do this, well actually finish this process.  I have started it, but have not been able to finish it still.  There is a lot of work needed in this one, so we will see how far I can get this cleaned up, along with making backups, and sending them to other family members in case of emergencies.

6.  Source:  I need to start actually putting in the information about were I get the facts from.  Its been on/off that I have been adding sources into my family tree.

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