Love/Hate Relationship with Geni

So now I have added about 15 people to Geni, and they have added about 30 new names to the tree.  I understand that they are not direct relatives, but I like to have every branch filled in as much as possible.  I was also happy to see that family members are posting picture's of themselves, and I want to request that they post/email me the important documents for genealogy.  But back to the point of the post about my new relationship with

My first problem I noticed was I created a tree in Geni with 950 (rough number), well I went to download the GEDCOM after I added about 3 names, as a test.  What I got was a GEDCOM with 700 names, so I cant even download my original GEDCOM unless I am a pro member.

My second issue is that its not easy (it is available), but through alot of clicking you will be able to see all new profiles created.  It took me about 20 minutes to find four new names.  It took about another hour to find the 30 odd names that were created last night, because you cannot just click on "home" screen to see all profile's created.  You can click on awards, and see who created profiles (but wont show newest of course at first).  From there you can see the newest profiles created.

Another issue is that it seems to move from being my tree to being " the next closest relatives tree", so you don't always see everything that is done, something like the above issue.

What I do like about Geni, is the ease of someone logging in, adding people and making the tree grow.  Its easy for anyone to join the tree, just have an email address.  Like the above posts, in one night 30 names were added.

The second thing I like about it, is how much people enjoy the social aspects, and how it helps with Genealogy, I will continue to use the service, but I am not sure if I will move up to the Pro account anytime, we will see.  

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