Export Gedcom Issue's

Ok so I decided to try and download a GEDCOM from  I have had one relative add maybe 3 people so far.  Here are the stats:

Geni: 990
FTB: 1009

Geni started with about 980, so I have probably added about 10 names, along with one cousin who added about two names.  Right now I don't know whats missing from Geni.  When I went to create the export, it will only do Blood-Tree (about 700 names) instead of the whole tree.  I do not like this as I am the one who created the tree, I have added the most, and I wanted to keep "adding to the tree" but I starting to realize this is going to be a lot of effort on my side for something that should take 5 minutes to do.

I guess when the tree's grow so large, or merge with other tree's I could see the point of the BloodTree.  But for me to get a download of the 990 names on Geni to compare to the 1009 names on FTB I would have to be a pro account.  I am not sure that it worth it to get the account just to get the convenience of export.  I might just slowly work on Geni, and continue more of my attention on MyHeritage.  Anyone have any suggestions or idea's

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