Carnival: What Resources am I thankful for.

For the 13th Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy there are a few resources that I am thankful for.

1. The Internet - I was originally going to say, but I believe that the internet itself is really one of the best resources out there for genealogy, esp when you are not in the local area that you are doing research in/on.  As for I really don't like the idea of the cost of a yearly membership mind you, but I can get most of the information that I need through my military affiliation, or through the local LDS, or local library.  All in all its been a great resource when you are thousands of miles away from were you are researching.  As for the best locations on the Internet.

     2. Google
     3.  PAGENWEB: Lackawanna

2.   Ok, well since I considered the whole Internet as one resource, my next best one being so distant from my actual resource would have to be the local courthouse/library's ect in the location that you are doing research.  For me that would be Scranton, PA.  Now I have not been able to get there for a few years, but about a month ago my parents had the chance to go there and get about 80 pages of documents, that are not available on the internet.  It was what was needed to get past a few road blocks in my research.

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