Using the Free Census Labor Day Weekend from

Now that I am back in business with my Family Tree Maker, I have been checking all the hints available for my 2500 names in the database.  I am focusing only on the the names that are in the US and were alive during the free census periods available at

Based off the post from Russ at FTMUser I have created a custom report that has dropped my names to search from 2500 to 488.  This might be off by a few because I based it off residence and birth location.  I am pretty certain that I have people were I left birth location blank at the time, or residence was never filled in but this is a good starting point.

Considering I only have 2 more days to use the free access to Ancestry I think 488 is a good number.  I have already hit about 40 of them, will have to figure out a logical way to remove them as I find them in all census records.   It would be easy to remove if it was only one census, but since I am searching for multiple it might be a little harder to undertake.

Either way I am sure that I will be quite busy trying to get the 488 as close to zero as possible before the time runs out.   Once again, I use AncestryLibrary which is provided from work but I cannot get it to work as well as with the hints in Family Tree Maker.

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