Another Step forward with some help

I have been trying to move forward on my Maczek line from Austria, but have been unable to get any information on Franz Maczek.  Like previous posts, I know that he was born in Vienna in 1869, and then I know her married later on.

This morning I found a mailing list for Austria Genealogy and posted a quick question in reference to Franz Maczek  About 3 hours later I had a response.

Below is the response:

I m not sure if this is the right Franz Maczek, found Franz anobled

and living in Prag, married to Maczek Kunigunde (Franz born 1869

Two new pieces to the puzzle.  I still cant read German, so the top one will be a little bit of an issue the second one is a Census record so its a bit easier to understand.    I already knew his family, but this provided a little bit of where they were (Prague).  Here are the two images, if anyone can make out what it says in German for Franz please leave a comment, my guess this was the date he was officially ennobled.

Franz Maczek Photo 1

Franz Maczek Census Prague

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