208 Records Keyed only 19792 to go!

Well its a little easier then I thought at first.  I thought each "image" was considered a record by that numbers it would take probably years to get to 20,000.  I still don't really think its possible to get to 20,000 in two months if you have a job.

I have finished 208 keyed records as of today so far I am behind by about 400 records or so.   I found that if i did some of the military payrolls it equals between 30-50 records so its a nice way to catch up and also at the same time help the community.   I am also hitting the PA Naturalization pretty hard because that is were most of my family immigrated to when they came to the United States.

I am going to post updates probably weekly on where I stand in reference to the 20,000 just to see how close I get.  I think that I am going to try and go for the DNA kit vice FTM 2011 though if I do hit the 20,000 mark.

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