407 records keyed, a lot more to go.

I figured I would post an update tonight as we head in Veterans Day about my progress with Ancestry World Archive project contest.   We are into day 10-11 right now, and I started only 2 days ago.  So far I have 407 records keyed.

I am gathering from reading that records keyed equals points and points win you prizes.  For my prize of the DNA kit I need 20,000 points.  As you can see I have 407, which leaves me with 19,593 records left to key at a rate of 391 per day with 50 days remaining.

I still don't think I can make it to that number but I think I will continue to try just to see how close I get I guess. And at the least its helping in indexing this documents and thats a far better prize right?

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