World Archives Project holiday contest update

Well I took a little break from keying in the World Archives Project and the last numbers I had was 971.  If I was still trying to hit that 20,000 keyed records mark that would mean I would need to key 19,029 records roughly.

I would need to key 634 records per day for the next 30 days to hit that number.  I don't really see that happening as we are coming close to the holidays and I think I would rather spend it with the family.  Just maybe I will get bored one days and try to key as many as possible.  But even then I don't think I could sit there that long and try and key 19,000 records in a month's time that just seems like a little to much.

As it is already pretty late tonight while I am writing this that is another day that cannot be counted.  I had more important things to do today, like study for my exam tomorrow.

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