Only need to key 328 Records per day to get FTM 2011

I need everyone help me here.  According to's holiday contest with World Archives Project I would need the following points:

5,000 - AWAP Water Bottle or T-Shirt (while supplies last)
10,000 - “10,000 Record Club” badge to post on your Facebook profile or blog
20,000 - FTM 2011 (for PC or MAC), DNA Kit, or MyCanvas gift certificate
40,000 - Gift certificate for a two-hour consultation with a professional genealogist
100,000 - Free One-Year World Deluxe Subscription

Now I am guessing each point = 1 keyed record.  And since this started November first and ends Dec 31 that gives us 61 days to get our numbers.  So lets say we started on day 1 and we were going for the FTM 2011.  Thats 20,000 points.

At 20,000 points broken out over 61 days that would be 328 records required to get that the prize.  That seems a little high if you ask me.   I stared today so lets say that would give me 53 days, well really 52 since I started in the afternoon.  I would need to complete 385 keyed records per day, maybe if I didn't work that would be possible but I think I would go crazy after a few of them.

For people to even try and get those numbers there has to be a loss of accuracy in the records being processed.  I would think that people aiming for these numbers would be trying to process as many as possible.

I started today at 6pm and have 14 done, granted I took a few hours between each as I watched my TV shows, but even hard charging I don't see it happening.  I am glad for the contest because more indexes will be created, but I hope in the end that we don't lose out on accuracy because of this contest.

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