The Hopfengartner House

I posted the house on Wordless Wednesday and also I emailed the picture to my mother to have my gram take a look at the picture of it to see if she remembers the house.   Today I talked to her and she said she remembers the house.  She said that it was her great grandparents house and that it was up on the hill in Holoubkov.  She said her grandmother's house (Kunigunde Hopfengartner) was at the bottom of the hill.

She is currently looking for some of the photo's of that house as she traveled to Holoubkov about 15 years ago or so.  I wish Google Street view was available for that area.  Maybe somebody from Holoubkov could get a picture of the place if I can get its exact location.  As I get more information about the house or houses in the area I will post updates.

The Hopfengartner villa as it is called now is used as a nursing home for the elderly.  I am still waiting to hear some more from my gram if she can recall any stories of the house.

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