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Today I received an email from MyHeritage letting me know they found "Smart Matches".  Smart Matching is a technology they gained with the acquisition of Pearl Street Software in August 2007.  Pearl Street Software was the maker of GenCircles, and Family Tree Legends. 
Smart Matching compares the individuals in your family tree against MyHeritage's extensive database of family tree's.  If there is a possible match, it will send you an email, or you can use Family Tree Builder which has a button for Smart Matching.
When you open up the Smart Match's, it will provide you with a screen of the matching individual, a percentage match, number of relatives, birth date/death date, and locations.  If you believe its a connection, you can click on the match, which will bring up the other user's tree.  Its great to fill in the blanks, or maybe get past a brick wall.  Sometimes you will even get lucky and they will have the citation information included in their tree.  Yes, I am working on that for my tree, for the most it was just for me, but I figured if I am going through it all I should do it right.
Well I get about 10 Smart Match's in the latest email, 5 from an obituary that I found the other day at NewspaperArchives.  The other's were for my wife's family in Canada, I think someone just posted that information.  I grabbed that info, now to verify it.  

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