Marriage Index Lackawanna County Update (PAGENWEB)

Today I found out that the Lackawanna, PA Marriage Index has been updated again at PAGENWEB .  It was updated on Sept 24, 2008.   It has now been indexed up to Volume 107 which goes up to 1912.  I found out that the author behind the index is Robert Reese, so I would like to thank him for all his hard work.  I have been able to find multiple match's to my family in this index, now if i just lived a little closer to PA I would be set.  Until then I am waiting on either a relative, or my parents.  Hopefully they will be able to make it over to Scranton some time soon.
Only about 9 more index's are left to complete the index to Dec 1914, can't wait.  Anyone with families in Dumore/Scranton should check out the site.

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