Scranton Vist

I received the package from my parents today in the mail. It contained a CD of a few photo's that I still need to figure out, mostly house photo's from my dad's childhood, and a few tombstones.
It also contained about 10 marriage certificates which didn't really provide any real info, it gave a few dates that I did not have, but parent's names were not required for the most part during that time.
Next was the wills I received about 10 of them also. About 3 of them were worth something, the others, let me know that I had the wrong family line in Dunmore. Back to the drawing board on few. But it also gave me one which was able to add about 4 new names to the family tree, and birth years.
This is for the Toomey Family, Lawrence Toomey had a few brother's and sister's, so back to the drawing board to see what I can find. Maybe I will be able to make a connection again. Now I have to go back to the wills, and marriage certificates and see if there are any other names that I may have missed for the next time my family has time to make it over there, all in all it was a great research trip, just wish i was there.

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