Scanned documents done

Well everyone I have updated the marriage certificates and wills posts with links to the documents.  All documents are being held over at Scribd.   I  was wondering if I should also upload them over at Footnote.  I have not decided yet.  I will get all the documents together again tomorrow and email them to the coordinator for the Lackawanna County GenWeb. 

There are a few of the wills that are not linked at the moment as I must have missed them in the stack.  I will also get back to them, if anyone needs the info quicker please let me know and I get it sent to you directly.  I hope that this information will help some folks.  

Remember most of the surnames in the wills and marriage certificates are: DECKER JACKSON TOOMEY BERRY MCKENNA GERRITY.

Also its for Lackawanna county, so places like SCRANTON, DUNMORE, MOOSIC, MOSCOW.


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