Footnote Pages update

     After the initial buzz about Footnote pages wore down, I pretty much forgot about them.  Not to say the were not interesting, but they were not quick, and well it needs a few tweaks to make it a little more user friendly.   I still love the idea, just wish we did not have to invent the wheel for each page.

     Today I happened to stop by, and did my usual search word "KONDRC".  This is a good one as it brings up the least amount of names, as of the first two days it was bringing up 2 names even though I edited about 4 pages total with that name and created a new page were there was no SSDI.

    Well I was pretty amazed that now when you search you get a total of 5 items to choose from, everyone that I had edited last week, so the search is a little slow to catch up, not bad.  One thing I noticed, or at least have not seen is there is no way to tie a Page to a user.

    I understand that these are pages, and not really a family tree of the sorts, but if you go through the trouble should you not be able to link to them, say have a primary page connecting them all from your account?

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