Another day at Footnote

Today was an light day for genealogy.  I didn't do any searching, nor did I do any indexing.  I added some more information to the Footnote pages that I have already created.  Like Randy and I have said we see what they are but I think we believe that they can be so much more. 
I hope that Footnote takes our suggestions and improves on a great product, because in the end it helps us all.  I was also amazed that someone sent me a response from the updates for the "KONDRC" that I have done over at Footnote Pages.  It was nice to see that someone looks at what you do once in a while, makes it mean something.  The commentor also noticed something that I never noticed, it reports a differant date of birth on the obituary then on his naturalization papers.  I have the one from his obit listed, but for the life of me I dont remember were I got that date from, its only a month off. 

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