My Obsession of the Week: Footnote Pages

Today I spent a good few hours updating my great grandfather page on Footnote Pages.  His name was Stephen Kondrc.  I added a few more pictures, provided a story (his obituary, which is also an image), and added his 5 children by creating new facts, (which I would like to say is a pain).  There are still certain things I loath about that pages, but I love the general idea behind the pages, and hope that there is some improvements shortly.

After that I decided to do a general search of how many Footnote Pages there are.  Currently Footnotes is hosting: 82,991,620 pages.  Now it technically doesnt state how many it started with just a 80+ million, so lets say that since it start on September 10th it had 80,500,000 pages, so in 12 days that would be 2,491,620.  Basically 2 1/2 million pages and thats just an estimate.   This would equal something like 207,635 pages a day.  And lets remember folks that this is only whats available on search, some more pages could be available that have not been indexed, last time I created a page it took about 3 days to update to locate in the search.  Not a bad turn around, I wonder how many of these are from new users, just from word of mouth, they probally also increased thier members in the past few weeks, that would be another interesting thing to look at.  

Well out of the 2+ million pages I can say I created one:  Stephen Kondrc.

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